• The Mitugim group introducing the new and smartest web solution on the internet today – eXite!

    Web management platform with exceptional design, ease of management, and features that developed by the best in the business.

    The combined experience of over 15 years of web design and development for large organization and small businesses alike, led to a revolutionary new platform that includes some of the following features :

    Easy and simple management of colors, background and images
    Fast and easy management of content and images in live mode at the site itself, one of a kind procedure of loading images, styling, writing content with a familiar word editor, delete and edit pages, content, links, page layouts, easy photo and video gallery management, and much more.

    Google Ready content (“Googlien”)
    We call it Googlien to stand for our easy content indexing and optimization of the site by Google and other search engines for the purpose of SEO.

    Strong and solid site foundations
    Every site we deliver comes with a strong built in foundation for easy navigation for the surfer and the end user, such as easy to manage top navigation bar, news and event feature with rolling options, main site mood images that are easy to replace or change in every page, either flash, collage, or stills.
    We feature other built in characteristics such as unlimited sub-categories, pre set content and image page, easy YouTube video loading, and URL Rewrite to rename pages with “user friendly” easy names.

    The power of our team
    The eXpert Studio! Group stem from a combined experienced few groups of many years of internet and web managements behind them, such as Mitugim which consists of Gafko Studios- site design, Skala studios- SEO and site optimization, iBranding- Personal  Branding, and Mbaroz- web development and management systems,  A combination that is hard to beat, and a hard to find wealth of knowledge.

    Our reputation is our satisfied customers
    We only have satisfied customer, our quality of service is parallel to our quality of products.
    Our price is right, we deliver multi lingual sites, and our customer testimonial set our standards!